Handy mini-lathe sites:

Safety related

Manuals and handy information:


  • Aalco – I’ve bought various bits of metal from them in person, they have a branch not too far from me in Ammanford, the staff there are friendly and always accommodating, happy to sell fiddling small orders, at least I’ve found them so.
  • Compositions of various steels.
  • Dean’s Photographica: retired camera repairer has some lovely stuff on mini machining.

Fun sites:

Lathe related blogs:

Manufacturers sites:

Suppliers of mini-lathes in the UK

Note: links to individual product pages are highly likely to be broken as the suppliers alter their online catalogues. I’ll try to keep them up to date but I’m not promising anything. Also note that there may well be other suppliers of these things in the UK – I’ll happily add to the list if anyone knows other UK places to buy a mini-lathe. These are in no particular order, and I have no affiliation with, nor get any kind of commission from any of these people, nor do I have any experience or opinion of what they’re like to do business with.

In general, I do not endorse or hold any particular opinion of ANY business I link to here, please form your own judgements, this is for INFORMATION ONLY. I might blog about how it turns out if I decide to buy anything from any of these people, but at time of writing the only ones of these companies I’ve ever done business with are Rapid, from whom I’ve bought electronic components (a few years back), and Machine Mart – I walked into their high-street store, which I happened to notice while passing by, and I bought some safety goggles. Later, I went back and bought a vice. That went OK :-).

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, or you’re a machine tool vendor, large company or school etc., or you just want a LOT of mini-lathes, you could try importing them yourself, e.g. via B2B sites like

Other commercial links

  • Ramblin Dan’s Store, an online seller operating out of Frisco, Texas, supplies all manner of small machine tool stuff, including, uniquely as far as I know, complete sets of metal gears for the mini-lathe, to replace the plastic originals.
  • Browsing ebay for handy accessories, RDG  Tools stood out as having a lot of very useful looking stuff.
  • Chronos Ltd offer a wide range of engineering tools and model engineering supplies, including the Clarke minilathe.

This page last updated: 2015-01-16

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