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It’s been a while…

Metal swarf, fumes and whirring things with sharp edges are all largely incompatible with tiny infants. As is spare money. And spare time. And sleep. However, an inveterate tinkerer needs to tinker, and I’ve been beguiled by the siren-song of … Continue reading

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Most ambitious project to date…

So, I’ve been a bit quiet on here for “a while”. This one tends to absorb around 150% of all available time… Still, every child needs, I dunno, something steam powered or somesuch, I feel. P.S. yes that’s a bit … Continue reading

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Powerful lobbying groups want to censor and destroy the Internet via astonishingly ill-conceived and broad legislation in the U.S. Large chunks of the Internet are voluntarily blacking out all or some of their content in protest, for 24 hours, today … Continue reading

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New toys…

I decided that I couldn’t get by without a dial gauge, and wasn’t up to making one (I did contemplate it…). However, RDG tools have ’em for very little money, so I ordered a metric DTI and a magnetic base … Continue reading

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Short ‘n’ simple

An oft-cited design flaw in these mini-lathes is the way that the hollow spindle ends inside the gear cover. Any swarf which trundles along inside the spindle will drop down into the (nylon) change gears, whereupon bad things ensue. Various … Continue reading

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It started like this: I have a friend, Austin, who Makes Things. Tricycles, principally. He has an extensive workshop featuring, among other stuff, a lathe. I have another friend, Ben, who’s into video and film-making, and he’s always after bits … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Despite being a lifelong geek and a software guy by trade, I’ve largely avoided blogging. Until now. See the “about” page for an introduction, while I figure out how to use wordpress…

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