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New toys…

I decided that I couldn’t get by without a dial gauge, and wasn’t up to making one (I did contemplate it…). However, RDG tools have ’em for very little money, so I ordered a metric DTI and a magnetic base … Continue reading

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Square-ended drilling

I hesitate to call it “milling”. I made a cutter to deepen the magnet hole on my spindle extension, trying it out on a spare bit of brass first. Could have been better, but given that I wanted roughness for … Continue reading

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Spindle Extension

In which I make a tool, curse brass, do a bit of boring, create an internal metric thread and eventually retire the faithful cork in the end of the spindle. My second thing! (Well, third if you count the tooling).

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My First Thing

Here it is! My First Thing! I dunno what it is, but it’s lovely! After fiddling around working out gear ratios for thread cutting, I was desperate to give it a go, and it worked out reasonably well. Conclusion: cutting … Continue reading

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Microphone holders, especially American ones, tend to have a 5/8″ 27tpi (turns per inch) thread. I have no idea where to buy a tap or die to cut that. Threadcutting on the lathe, though, looked like a good exercise. I … Continue reading

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Making a stand

After the tedium of de-rusting lathe ancilliaries, I was keen to play with my new toy as soon as possible. To this end I plonked it on the only available surface which seemed kind-of suitable, a cheap copy of the “leading brand” folding trestle-type workbench-cum-woodworking-vice, of the sort favoured by D.I.Y.-ers on a budget. However, it wasn’t long before I was mentally designing, then building, something more purpose-made. Continue reading

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