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Turning bits of metal into differently-shaped bits of metal.

It’s been a while…

Metal swarf, fumes and whirring things with sharp edges are all largely incompatible with tiny infants. As is spare money. And spare time. And sleep. However, an inveterate tinkerer needs to tinker, and I’ve been beguiled by the siren-song of … Continue reading

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Most ambitious project to date…

So, I’ve been a bit quiet on here for “a while”. This one tends to absorb around 150% of all available time… Still, every child needs, I dunno, something steam powered or somesuch, I feel. P.S. yes that’s a bit … Continue reading

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Powerful lobbying groups want to censor and destroy the Internet via astonishingly ill-conceived and broad legislation in the U.S. Large chunks of the Internet are voluntarily blacking out all or some of their content in protest, for 24 hours, today … Continue reading

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New toys…

I decided that I couldn’t get by without a dial gauge, and wasn’t up to making one (I did contemplate it…). However, RDG tools have ’em for very little money, so I ordered a metric DTI and a magnetic base … Continue reading

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Square-ended drilling

I hesitate to call it “milling”. I made a cutter to deepen the magnet hole on my spindle extension, trying it out on a spare bit of brass first. Could have been better, but given that I wanted roughness for … Continue reading

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Spindle Extension

In which I make a tool, curse brass, do a bit of boring, create an internal metric thread and eventually retire the faithful cork in the end of the spindle. My second thing! (Well, third if you count the tooling).

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My First Thing

Here it is! My First Thing! I dunno what it is, but it’s lovely! After fiddling around working out gear ratios for thread cutting, I was desperate to give it a go, and it worked out reasonably well. Conclusion: cutting … Continue reading

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