Most ambitious project to date…

Most ambitious project to date...

So, I’ve been a bit quiet on here for “a while”. This one tends to absorb around 150% of all available time… Still, every child needs, I dunno, something steam powered or somesuch, I feel.

P.S. yes that’s a bit of a dialogue box bottom left, it’s just a screen grab, sometime I might have the time to do a proper export, right now he’s eating the curtains and climbing up the power cable…

About lathenovice

Turning bits of metal into differently-shaped bits of metal.
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3 Responses to Most ambitious project to date…

  1. Septic says:

    Just hope you didn’t damage your parting off tool in the process!

  2. Dave B says:

    congrats dude, Home made toys are great – I’m 40+ and about the only toys I have left are the ones my father made for me. Made that kid some toys, they will become family heirlooms.

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